Business Plan

Zargon’s business is centred on oil exploitation. We work under-developed assets with significant oil-in-place, employing technologies and engineering expertise to increase recoveries. After a transition period, we are entering the execution phase for our very profitable oil exploitation projects. Years of exploitation drilling are in inventory, and we are moving ahead with long-life secondary and tertiary recovery projects.

Oil Exploitation

Capital is being allocated to six conventional and one tertiary recovery discrete oil exploitation projects.

These projects will provide a stable oil production profile, that are projected to support sustainable and ultimately growing dividends in the foreseeable future.

Simplified Business

We are simplifying our property footprint and concentrating on cost containment. Non-strategic assets have been sold when attractive valuations were available.

Risk Management

Risk management is integral to our business. We work to protect investors’ underlying value with conservative hedging, debt and financing practices.